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Megadeth's Dave Mustaine is working with Kenny G to promote his band's latest album.  The two are featured in a new Funny Or Die parody of the Men's Wearhouse TV ads, featuring Mustaine telling the story of Keith. 

As the clip continues, Mustaine explains that the people at "Megadeth Warehouse" were able to set Keith up with the band's new album, Super Collider, which gave him the confidence he needed to nail the interview. 

Keith also discovers his new boss is a Megadeth fan as well, but becomes a bit unnerved when the boss starts showing off his Megadeth tattoos.  Kenny G contributes to the clip's soundtrack, and exchanges barbs with Mustaine once they've finished the "taping." 

The Funny Or Die clip also gives Mustaine a chance to poke fun at a retailer with whom he's had a grievance.  Over the holidays the rocker used Facebook to sound of against Men's Warehouse when the company didn't come through as guaranteed on a gift certificate delivery.  The company responded to Mustaine's post with an apology and a promise to make things right. 

Watch below: