About Beerman.

I was born 6 months premature to an albino woman and a Mexican man, hence my Caucasian appearance. But alas, my father died during childbirth, and I was raised by my brother a full 4 years older than me. His job was working in the coal mines as a lantern due to his green glow from his days after Chernobyl. Rent was cheap there, so we eked out a solid living. He was married at age 9 to a Chinese whore and both were arrested on the night of the wedding during consummation. And that's how I got the job here at QQ. They only ask me to work 1 shift a week and occasionally do appearances at the "strip clubs", but I wouldn't change a thing. If you really wanna get to know the real me, I was the subject of a bio that aired on the Oxygen network. The exposé actually got the network it's highest ever ratings with 15 viewers! I do have an amazing wife, she sends me pics of the men that visit her during the day, they drop by just to say "Hello" and they give her money and jewelry. She's really nice. I also have an amazing daughter, at the age of 3, is the youngest member of Mensa. Oh well, I gotta wrap this up but "My door is always open, " I don't know what that means but I hear my wife say it on the phone all the time as she finishes a conversation. Peace!