Comedy's 'Man in Black' is gone.  His big fingers always had to fight between the frets to get the chord right, perhaps his heart struggled with his big husky laugh.

Tim Wilson was more than just a Comedian to me.  He'd visit Comedy Off Broadway regularly.  Twice a year, two weeks at a time.  Four weeks every year, I knew I would see Tim Wilson stroll through the lobby without breaking pace heading back towards my office or the studio.  We'd sit down and the easiest interviews of my career would commence. 

My favorite line usually occured after an intelligent historic fact and it went something like:  'Dennis, you're gonna LEARN things when you go to my concert'!

It happened that way four weeks out of every year. 

I'd always thank him on the air for coming by, and he'd reply 'Dennis, when I get my own radio station and a 50,000 watt antenna I probably won't come in...'

But never again.  So many memories and so many great conversations about history, music... and of course Tim's wonderful sense of comedy. 

Today is a heavy, sad day.  But it's easy remembering Tim because of the way he made us feel. 

I suppose in some ways, 'The First Baptist Bar & Grill' went legit.  Something tells me they're building a very large Antenna in Heaven.

Rest in Peace, my friend. 

-DeadAir Dennis