NBC Quietly Smuggled an Entire Starbucks Into Sochi
Starbucks isn't an official Olympics sponsor, so they can't have an official presence at the Olympics.  But that wasn't okay with NBC . . . 
A Woman Thinks She's Giving Birth to Identical Triplets . . . But There Was a Fourth Identical Baby Hiding in There
Turns out there was a FOURTH BABY hiding in there . . . that somehow had been missed on ALL of her ultrasounds.
A Guy Broke Out of Jail and Walked Ten Miles . . . To Meet His Girlfriend for Valentine's Day
Now that's love ....... and stupid .......   
A Woman Hits Her Fiancé With a Giant Dale Earnhardt Jr. Beer Bottle . . . Then Slaps Herself to Make It Look Like Self-Defense
A Woman Spends a Night in Jail For Keeping a Rented VHS Tape For Nine Years
VHS ?!
Five Disgusting Things That Are On You Right Now
Basically, you're covered in filth and organisms..