If you would have told me back in 1992 that I would be standing here 22 years later watching the greatness of Jackyl unfold in front of me, I would've told ya that you are full of what Beavis and Butthead is full of. You know what that is! But damn if 22 years later, there I was watching Jackyl blowing the wattage off the cottage. That cottage is known as Busters and it was not standing once Jesse James Dupree and company were done. 

I was impressed.

A few hours before the show, Jesse James Dupree made an appearance at Liquor Barn to sign bottles of his line of liquor.  Jesse James American's Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey and Full Throttle Sloonshine.  That Sloonshine comes in strawberry, vanilla, apple and blackberry too.  And it's damn good!  So ya know we got a little sauced up at the Liquor Barn before the show!  Hey, free samples will go a long way! 

And let me just say that the QQ Rockers came out in full force to see Jesse James for the bottle signing.  The QQ Rocker came out in full for to see Jackyl.  Good on ya!  Dude was impressed with QQ Rockers, so we here at WKQQ say THANKS for you guys coming out.  You guys rock (of course you already knew that)!

Why didn't I bring my chainsaw for JJD to sign?

A damn good crowd was on hand at Busters to watch Jackyl melt faces, explode eardrums and kick ass!  And that they did my friends. Local hair metal icons, Hard Sunday, got us primed and ready for the madness of Jackyl.  Hard Sunday gave the crowd what they wanted.  Good solid rock and roll peppered with some new Hard Sunday tunes.  So new, Hard Sunday hadn't even heard them. Hell, I enjoyed it. Brought me back to my old hair metal days! God, I'm getting old!

The man of the hour, Jesse James Dupree and the boys in Jackyl took the stage and proceeded to kick ass from beginning to end.  Starting off with 2009's "My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine's Ass," Jackyl provided an alcohol fueled, sexually charged, electrfying rock and roll set that would've brought out the best in ya.  I dig-dugged it all from that first shot of Jesse James American Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey to that final swig of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Not letting up for one second, Dupree and company bombarded the ears with funky tribal rhythms and chants with "Make the Room Go Boom Boom."  And that is exactly what they did!  Quick look at the video (see below, fellas, you will enjoy it) and I have to ask.  Why didn't Jackyl bring these women on stage at Busters?  That Full Throttle Saloon looks fun, doesn't it? Let's go!

And I gotta give some props to JJD and his showmanship.  Dude knows how to work the crowd! From making Ric Flair references, sexual innuendos, and talking about Pabst Blue Ribbon, the crowd held on to every word he said.  I mean, what more would you expect from a man who has implemented a chainsaw into the finale? I don't know how he has managed to keep his voice in shape, but damn, his voice has held up good throughout the years. Must be that damn liquor he sold me.

Jackyl launched into some newer material from the album Best in Show with "Screwdriver".  How about a Jackyl classic with "Down On Me"!?  Damn this takes me back!  As the show progressed, I was trying to come up with accurate comparison. The band is damn tight, Jesse is putting on a hell of show, the crowd is loving it, but damnit, this reminds me of something. Almost from another period in time. Should I make that comparison? I will. The more I watched Jackyl and observed the on-stage persona of Jesse James Dupree, it finally hit me.  Read on!


Jesse knew what the crowd liked. A little bit of Zeppelin in there, some PBR references, some more wrestling references, and daggone if we all didn't get together and sing a little ditty from Hee-Haw. "Where Oh Where Are You Tonight".  Really?  Hee-Haw in the middle of Jackyl show?  I'll take it.  Oh yeah, we heard a little country music in there.  We heard some electrified boogie woogie blues, and some hard hitting rock and roll.  The boys in the band kept the rhythm going almost as if they were keeping up with Jesse and crowd.  We were all 150mph w Jackyl and I am not sure who was trying to keep up. Honestly, it was a very uniform, tight sound from the band.  Most impressive.

At some point during the show, I decided to stop typing up notes on the setlist and enjoy it. What I remember hearing was "Secret of the Bottle", "I Stand Alone", "Dirty Little Mind", and "Redneck Punk".  What I heard next completely floored me! You don't hear anybody cover this one, but with the influences that some of them old school blues players had on Jackyl, and the way JJD plays to the ladies, I saw where this song fit in perfectly. Ever heard the Chuck Berry novelty "My Ding-A-Ling"? I honestly don't believe most of the crowd knew that song existed, but that's ok.  Ya just need to know the chorus. Jesse led, the crowd sang along, and we all loved it. 

How would I describe Jackyl? It was like watching Black Oak Arkansas hopped up on energy drinks.  Shades of Jim Dandy came out as Jesse James Dupree worked the crowd over. And Jim Dandy was always good at that. To me Jesse studied the greats, and was an excellent student of showmanship and how to command a crowd.  A good frontman knows how to get the crowd to respond. And we responded.

I don't know what was more fun. Chanting "I like poontang better than chicken" as the song says, or watching Jesse put the final touches on the show.

Finally, that electric barnyard boogie woogie power tool of a song hit us all.  Out came the chainsaw and that gritty guitar lick, and before "The Lumberjack" was all over with, we were covered with sawdust. The destruction of a bar stool by Jesse kicked ass!  And damn if a chainsaw sounds good on stage.  Pure genius to implement a chainsaw into a song in the 90's and continue that genius into 2014. If the owners of the bar would have let him, I honestly think Jesse would have destroyed the whole place with that chainsaw. Jackyl was on a roll!

But all good shows must come to an end.  Damnit, I wanted more.  It is easy for me to say that I am a bigger fan of Jackyl now than I have been over the last the last decade.  But outside of the hard rock, the sawdust, Full Throttle Saloon, I am a bigger fan of Jesse James Dupree.  Earlier in the day at his signing at Liquor Barn, the way he interacted with his fans was impressive. Taking time to sign bottles, talk with the crowd, take pictures with everybody, kids, grandmas and giving his thanks to everybody that came out. That is how I will remember Jesse James Dupree.

You don't see big time rock n' rollers being engaging and interacting as much as Jesse did on this day. But on this day, Lexington SAW it...with a chainsaw.