I just recently came acorss this project and thought it was so unique that I had to share with the QQ Rockers!

It is called Playing For Change, and it is designed to connect people throughout the world by the use of music. Each episode features musicians from all around the world creating music. In return, Playing For Change creates a memorable experience for your ears. It is different. It is unique. Most of these musicians you probably have not heard of, but that is what it makes this such a cool project. Some of the songs you have heard of, and some you have not, but that is what it makse this such a cool project.

It has taken 3 years, 31 countries, 185 musicians and a ton of hard work and dedication to pull this off. An album entitled Playing For Change, Songs Around The World will be released on June 17

This is the heart and soul of music around the world. These are the REAL musicians that keep the power of music flowing through our ears.

I picked out some of my favorites for you. Do yourself a favor and take listen and enjoy! I did!

If it is good enough for Keith Richards to be a part of it, it is good enough for you to listen.