Sometimes the best memories happens on the fly.  Spur of the moment. That is what happened on Thursday!

My good friend John McHugh randomly called me on Thursday afternoon with a plan that had potential for greatness.  Can we pull it off?  Can we get there in time?  Can we make it to Bowling Green for this?  Do you think we can actually get there in line to meet Paul Stanley of Kiss and get his book signed? What!? A founding member of Kiss!  John, your nuts! This plan is so twisted I can't wait to be a part of it!

So there we were on our way to Bowling Green Rock City!  What in the hell is Paul Stanley doing in Bowling Green, KY!?  I must find out.  Two hours later we pulled into BGRC (Bowling Green Rock City) as we prepared ourselves to meet rock and roll greatness. 


This is a book signing.  Where do I get my tickets?  166 and 167.  That is not too bad.  Could be worse.  I've been in worse lines.  Oh crap! Look at those two kids painted up like Gene and Paul.  Those kids are the coolest!  Gotta get a copy of Paul's book available for sale here at the library.  Yes, I said library.  "Honey, Miss. Librarian honey, what the hell is Paul Stanley doing at the Warren County Public Library?"  Come to find out, Paul and some of the authors they have had for book signings share the same publicist.

Two more hours go by and there we are in line waiting to meet the Starchild.  Overheard by a man trying to get tickets, "This isn't Air Supply!  This is Kiss!"  I felt bad for that poor librarian he yelled at.  However, the comment of the day goes to the cat who said "Sometimes, I like to get stoned and watched Droopy cartoons."  My God, I lost it when I heard that.  That prompts John to say to me "Have you ever seen the Droopy cartoon where the wolf is teaching school and he says 'Finger paintin' man!" 


The crowd was at a fevered pitch.  The doors open, and there was the Starchild himself, Paul Stanley.  The line creeps along and within an hour from #1, there we were.  What do I say?  John! Go man! Your up!

John and Paul get a pic taken. Now here is what impressed me the most.  Paul stops everything and says "Make sure that turned out good."  The ladies in charge of taking the pictures goes nuts. "What is going on here?!"  Paul being the professional that he is says "Hold on, we are going to get another picture here.  This one didn't turn out right."  We'll I'll be!  Damn John got him two pics with Paul!  Too bad it didn't turn out any better.

Then it was time for the ole High Priest to meet the Starchild. Now part of a good a picture with a celebrity is that you want to make it obviously good, but you want to make it memorable.  You want to make it a conversation piece in your house.  What shall I do!? I got it!

"Hey Paul, can you throw up the 3 goggles for the Wildcats here in Kentucky?"  "Sure man!"  Perfect!


Did that just happen!?  Did a member of Kiss somewhat give their endorsement to the Kentucky Wildcats!? Did I just stick my tongue out like Gene Simmons, complete with 3 goggles with Paul Stanley?  I sure as hell did!

Time to send that pic out via text, Twitter, etc. Yeah, for a brief moment in time, I felt like a member of Kiss!

Oh yeah, Paul's latest book is called Face The Music:  A Life Exposed.

I say THANKS to Paul Stanley for doing this book tour and putting up with my dumb ass during the pic. I say thanks to my friend John McHugh, for convincing me to drop everything I was doing that day to meet a ROCK LEGEND.