Hey! Well, made it to another base here in lovely Afghanistan. Looks like this may be permanent. We were told that when we arrived to this new location that they take rockets everyday. I thought to myself, there is no-way any base takes rockets every day. Well, I have been here 12 days and have had 12 rocket attacks so far. So I sit typing this out in full body armor, waiting to get attacked again today. You have to ask, "Troy, isnt there an easier way to make money?" Im sure there is. On a positive note, I have not used any tobacco in over a month now. The tobacco here (dip or smokes) tastes really weird to me, so I just quit all together. Care packages are slowing down again.

It's cool. It is summer time and people arent thinking about soldiers out here in the wild. Im guilty of it too, so dont feel bad. I do feel bad for the Joe who doesnt or hasnt received anything from home since he or she has been here. Makes me furious. Oh...be right back....3rd rocket attack today. Gotta go check on my peeps....laters.