Hey! Been over a month here at my new location and Ramadan is almost over. Ramadan is a month of fasting and praying in the Muslim religion. They don't fast the ENTIRE 30 days. Just during the daylight hours. Not any food, water, gum smokes....nothing. They eat around night fall. It sounds too hard-core for me, so I choose not to be a Muslim. We still take rockets everyday. Now several times a day. Its as if they are more dead pan on getting rid of us Americans in this region. I am not a fan of rockets, or being shot at. So if I can leave this country sooner than later I would NOT be sad in the least. I wouldn't miss it at all. I got to thinking. So much of nothing here.

So much desolate areas for miles and miles in every direction and poorly developed. Im glad I dont live here. Id be angry too. Plenty amounts of dust and heat. Plenty of ridiculously steep mountains.

Impassable by any vehicle. Almost impassable by foot. We take so much for granted in the United States. Like how everything is convenient.

Yes even if you live in the sticks its more convenient than it is here. Trust me. The availability of everything we have in the U.S. is remarkable. You want a steak, you get in your car drive less than an hour you get a steak, You want ice cream, you get in your car and get ice cream. Not here you dont. Oh, and dont get me started on health standards here. You think a B+ on a health code violation (the thingy's in the window's of restaurants that the food inspectors rate your establishment on cleanliness, freshness of food, properly cooked

etc) in the states is bad....eat here at ANY fine restaurant and tell me you wouldnt have butt piss for a week. Yes I said butt piss. Yeah I am grumpy today. More rockets than normal. What ever that's supposed to mean. Its weird. I can go from dead asleep to hearing the air raid siren and be on the floor in less than 2 seconds. My bed is 39" off the floor. So plenty of bruises. Anywhere you walk around you hear that siren, you'd better be flat as a pancake in 2 seconds or less or you may become a pink mist. Even on the ground you are not guaranteed not to ripped to shreds by shrapnel, but we can hope by getting as flat as we can, as fast as we can. It really messes with your sleep too. You dream about the alarms, and wake up on the floor freaking out, and wondering why you are on the floor over a dream you had about the alarm. Yeah. It may be safe to say I have PTSD. At least a mild form of it. Lol. On a positive note, I can still communicate with my family on a regular basis. Which brings the most joy to me on a frequent basis. Care packages rock also. Its like, "Oh, look its not my birthday and you sent me something." :) yeah, miss home, hate this country. Hate deployments. Still love America. God Bless You. Suck it Taliban.