Hey Double Q Rockers! What's good? Well, I hope a lot. Well, since my last installment of bathroom habits, a lot has happened here in the little country of Afghanistan where I am gratefully deployed too. Some things are grim. And Id rather not talk about them. But part of what we do here. I am on the move again, so I get to see a lot of interesting things. Changed up my static role here to a roving rascal.

Did I mention its hot here? Was outside working in the sun the other day and according to the temperature reading on my watch (so 007) said it was 117 degree's. It's nothing like Kentucky heat. We would all pass out from the humidity. No, its a very dry heat. Hasn't rained in a few weeks. I was afraid is was becoming the monsoon season. Gosh, 117 in all our little gear...and you think YOUR hot?? Bahahaha, join me please. I have to say and I will say it again, in my travels and observations, its a beautiful country. Just sucks its a war-zone.

Since my last little blog, we've took rockets and mortars several times. It's unnerving to hear the sirens because no-matter where you are at or what you are doing you have to react and get to safety no matter what you are doing.  ( makes it REALLY fun if you are in the shower ) The creepy thing is that you never know where it's going to land. Other things I've noticed, they have rocks here. Everywhere. To walk on. Not the pleasant kind of little pebble's that are cute and easy to walk on. No. These are ankle breaker's. Most of the rocks are the size of golf-balls, up to softball size. And they are everywhere, on every post we go to. So, when I return, I should be able to run through any field of rocks, baseballs, car parts, small animals, with ease. On a positive note, my ankle strength would make Arnold Schwarzenegger envy me. Speaking of getting my swoll on, I hear Prince has a new song out. I hear it on repeat in our gym for the hour that I go. Over and over. Followed up by some other 2 crappy Hip-hop songs. I really miss my Rock! I would use my iPod (not a product endorsement) but it was hastily relocated for me. By someone else. I get "Care" packages from time to time, but they get lost. Some do. Not all.

Really frustrating. So, I am learning to be self sufficient. I appreciate all the care packages I've received so far and I am grateful. On a positive note, I've lost 37 lbs. I hardly notice myself in the mirror and my clothing fits weird now. So if you want a surefire way to loose weight, join the Army and deploy! Act now and we will throw in combat and rockets!! Did I mention I love working out? I run every flipping day here. Mainly because I am bored. And I want to look amazing. (someday, someday) almost see the abs... I know I was all over the place in this blog, but there is a lot Id love to share but cant. Maybe over a beer in the future we can talk. I could sure drink one today. Frosty, ice cold beer. I'd drink two if I had them.

But the rules say no beer for me while I am here. So keep a few in the fridge for me. Cool? Gotta bounce to a new location in a few. Will drop some werds on ya in the near future. Oh, and to my wife, Im sorry. I hope someday you will forgive me. I love you babe, hug and kiss the kids for me. Gotta run.

SSG Tripod Troy out!