After hours of furious internet searching, the sad confirmation came just moments ago.

Tim's combination of intelligence, southern boy and friendliness may never be equalled. 

The photo below is one of my favorites.  Tim was still apologizing when he last here, just two months ago.  Two years ago, Tim sorta 'lost it' onstage.  Not just any concert mind you, our Clear Channel Christmas Party complete with guests and clients. 


Just above my head and to the right of the 'Q' you can make out Tim's studio signature.  It reads:

'To DeadAir Dennis Dillon, Thanks for treating me like Elvis!  Love, Tim Wilson'

It's breaking my heart to know that mountain of a man will never grace our studio again.

Winter 2014 just got a little colder.


Tim Wilson

August 5, 1961-February 26, 2014.

Rest in Peace


-DeadAir Dennis