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Want to block political posts from your Facebook page

With over two months still to go before the election, the political back-and-forth is only going to get worse.  If you browse with Google Chrome, here is how you can stop the madness. ...
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That time when Rush met Led Zeppelin

Great story from Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson..
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Check out the new song from Zakk Wylde ft. Corey Taylor

This is the first single from Zakk Wylde's new album Book Of Shadows II.  it's called Sleeping Dogs.  I like it, and the video is just bizarre, but in a good kinda way.
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WATCH: Indiana State Police lip sync to the Grease soundtrack

You have the right to remain silent, even when your lips are moving.    Last day at the fair! from Jonathon Amburgey on Vimeo .
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The Ulitimate NASCAR race

A NASCAR fan with way too much time on their hands came up with this stop motion video.  It's a little long, but if you skip ahead, it's kinda cool.  (if you like this sort of...
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Sammy Hagar APOLOGIZES to Van Halen

If you ask me, it's Eddie that should do the apologizing, but I like that the Red Rocker is taking the high road.  sure, Sammy says he doesn't want to tour with them, but I wouldn't mind...
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Putting the "pole" in Pole Vault

Perhaps next time, he will tuck.
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Rick Astley Sings Highway to Hell

I don't know whether to cry or vomit.
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Summer Games: Injury Update!

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Really Bad Lip Syncing with Van Halen

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