Something very cool last night at my son Ben's 8th grade basketball game.  His friend Mitch, who is a teammate, and a classmate since the second grade, has been the manager for the Ockerman Hawks 8th grade basketball team all season.  In their final home game, Coach told him to suit up, and put him in the starting lineup.  They won the opening tip, and ran a play called the Mitch-and-Roll.  Mitch did not disappoint. 

 To be in attendance, and watch the crowd reaction, and to see how happy Mitch was for the rest of the night, is truly one of those priceless moments in life.  He is an outstanding kid, and I am blessed to know him.

 Mitch, you rock!


(since i"ve answered this question 4 times while sharing this video around the station this morning. my son is #12)