WKQQ Summer Concert Series!

Shot of a crowd at a music concert. This concert was created for the sole purpose of this photo shoot, featuring 300 models and 3 live bands. All people in this shoot are model released.

WKQQ Summer Concert Series!


Free Parking (Because your car is in the driveway!)

Free Tickets to the Every Show (Because it’s on your radio!)

Free Beer while you listen (Because it’s in your fridge!)


All Shows start at Midnight!




Friday Night, June 30:  AC/DC (Live from River Plate, Argentina)

Saturday Night, July 1:  The Allman Brothers

Sunday Night, July 2:  Stone Temple Pilots

Then on July 4th:

Foo Fighters -10am

Led Zep & Black Crowes live double shot - Noon

Ozzy, U2, Motley Crue and Guns ‘N Roses - all in the 2pm hour

ZZ Top - 4pm

An epic 10 minute version of Nugent’s ‘Stranglehold’ - 5pm


Friday Night, July 8:  Joe Walsh 

Saturday Night, July 9:  Def Leppard 

Sunday Night, July 10:   John Fogerty (Live from Farm Aid 1997)


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