CONFIRMED!! Slash/Myles Kennedy Album

PLANET ROCK:  “I’m excited about the new stuff we put together for this next record; it’s got some cool songs and it’s got a great live feel.” enthuses Slash. “I’ve been working with Myles, Brent and Todd for about 8 years now. It’s been an amazing ride so far; as a band we continue to get better which is great. With the addition of Frank since the ‘World On Fire’ tour, I feel we have hit a great, creative stride which I definitely think shows on this next record.”

Q BIRDS! It has been confirmed. Slash, Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators have declared their new album will in fact be arriving this fall! Untitled, still, but songs have definitely been written. Slash says they have a "cool live feel". All of this, of course, will come after GNR finish the European leg of their tour *cough* that Greta Van Fleet is opening for *cough*. SLASH IS BACK! Where is my top hat?


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