DeadAir Dennis 1980's 'Rock & Roll Gym Bag'

This should be all the proof you need to know that I've been a life-long music GEEK! Sometime during those school years (oh so long ago), myself and Fred Dixon decided we'd adorn our Gym Bags (it's what we had before backpacks came along) with every Rock Band logo we could think of, and some we probably didn't care much for (ie: 'Peaches and Herb').

During my Christmas trip to Mom's house I found this wonderful relic sitting in the basement and decided it was time to show the world... that I am unequivocally hopeless.

Much like the Sistine Chapel, I've also decided it's time for a restoration so when I finish I'll repost some pics. Until then, 'Suck it, Michelangelo'!

-DeadAir Dennis 1/7/20

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