Maneskin Fantasize About Killing Singer Damiano David In 'MAMMAMIA' Video

Måneskin's video for their latest single "MAMMAMIA" is coming out at a fitting time, just ahead of Halloween. The clip sees bassist Victoria de Angelis, guitarist Thomas Raggi and drummer Ethan Torchio fantasizing about killing singer Damiano David after de Angelis exclaims "He's so f***ing annoying!" while in the car with her bandmates.

The song was written after the Italian rockers won Eurovision, and they only had a few days in the studio to work on new music.

"We didn't take it too seriously," de Angeles said of the song upon its release. "It's a very silly, careless song and we've never done something like that before. It came together very naturally. We just tried to have fun and enjoy it, because [it was written] in a moment where we were experiencing a lot of things."

"After Eurovision we had a lot of attention on us. A lot of the time, we did something that we thought was great but people criticized it," David added. "I wanted to translate that into lyrics, because it happens a lot – maybe you’re doing something that you feel is great, but people don’t understand it and make bad judgements and bad comments about it. I wanted to make fun of that situation."

Watch the gory video above.

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