Kentucky Schools To Cancel Classes On 'Super Bowl Monday'

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The state of Kentucky's Paris City Schools is set to break tradition by extending the Super Bowl celebrations into what locals are dubbing "Super Bowl Monday" as the district decided to grant students a day off after the big game. This unprecedented move, initiated by the school board's calendar committee in February 2023 involved swapping President's Day for this football-centric day off.

The decision to alter the calendar was met with unanimous approval from the school board, emphasizing their commitment to meeting the needs of families in the district.

Superintendent Stephen McCauley acknowledged the longstanding desire among families to enjoy the Super Bowl without worrying about early school hours the next day. He expressed enthusiasm for the innovative change, emphasizing the district's dedication to adapting to the evolving needs and schedules of the community.

McCauley, who has held this sentiment for two decades, remarked on the uniqueness of having the day after the Super Bowl as a day off and praised the district for leading the way in offering such opportunities.

While this bold move sets Paris City Schools apart, McCauley confirmed that he is not aware of any other Kentucky school districts implementing a day off after the Super Bowl.

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