Japan's Parade of the Penis

It's like a Bachelorette party, on drugs. Penises every where. From balloons to glitter... to those weird little bobble headbands. YOU CAN'T ESCAPE THE CUCUMBER SHAPE IN JAPAN. Honestly, we need something like this in America. Right in the good ole downtown area of Lexington (could you imagine). This sausage fest happens annually in Japan, every spring since 1996. The whole thing is to raise awareness about safe sex and to raise money for HIV charities. 

Honestly, I cannot get over them just trudging down the streets with giant penis statues in their hands like picket protest signs. Awesome cause though! Great. I love it. BUT... I personally couldn't handle seeing a 16 foot weiner being paraded down in front of me.

Simple condom distribution should do... right?? 


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