Paul Stanley isn't a fan of today's rock...

Kiss vocalist, Paul Stanley, was asked in an interview with Business Jet Traveler what his thought were on rock and roll today.... interesting because as a "new" rock lover, I can 100% agree with this. Stanley says that new rock today, "is faceless and interchangeable"...

“It’s a very different world. The income stream is so much less and there’s so much grey area and so many bands. I think that social media and the Internet have made for something that, besides the monetary aspect, is very homogeneous.

“There was a time where there was much distinction between acts and there were far fewer of them. You didn’t have a situation where, for example, you can either take what’s offered to you in terms of a fee for your music or somebody will take it for free. That’s not how things are supposed to work.”

YES STANLEY!! Every band sounds the same. That's why, we stick with what we know. The classics.

I will say this though, we do have some hope with a few of the up and comers. The shining stars in the "active rock" world. I'll fan girl (again) over Greta Van Fleet in say that these guys are bring back the rawness of rock and roll.  Don't believe me? Please listen.


AH YEAH, YOU'RE FREAKING WELCOME. I know Robert Plant is a fan of his mini me's, but I'm curious what the rest of the old school rockers think.


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