WoodfordHumaneSociety.org WKQQ Homeless Doggie, 'Pepper' (pic)

Right on Double Q Rockers! I know this has nothing to do with Post Malone or Ariana Grande, but hopefully it means something to somebody... This week we're trying to find a home for 'Pepper', so if you can share the pic/post and help 'Pepper' out, you would be an outstanding person! Here's what the ladies at Woodford Humane had to say about this week's big sweetie:

Pepper – 2 years old, neutered male, terrier mix, weighs 20 lbs

This cute little fella can be shy at first, but he warms up quickly and he’s a playful and affectionate guy at heart! Pepper is spunky and gaining confidence every day, and although he may always be a little wary of new people, he bonds closely once he gets to know you. He’s looking for a home without children due to an unusual special need: he has night terrors, so he needs a home where he will not be disturbed when he is sleeping and dreaming. If you’re looking for a pint-sized pooch and you’re willing to let sleeping dogs lie, come meet Pepper at Woodford Humane or call 859.873.5491 to find out more about him!

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