WoodfordHumaneSociety.org This week's Adopt-A-Doggy is 'Smokey' (pic here)

Here's what the Woodford ladies had to say about ol' Smokey', Maybe y'all can share this and help us find him a home:

Smokey - 10 months old, neutered male, hound mix, weighs 42 lbs

It’s hard not to fall in love with a gentle sweetie like Smokey! His lanky stature might make him look like a big mature dog, but his heart is all puppy softness. Smokey has been through a lot of changes in the last few weeks, from wandering loose and alone to hopping across the state through two rescues, so it’s no surprise he can be pretty shy at first. He’s looking for someone who will be patient with him while he adjusts, and show him lots of love; we know he’ll be the perfect dog for the lucky family that gives him a chance to settle in. If you think that might be you, introduce yourself to Smokey at Woodford Humane Society today or call 859.873.5491 to find out more about him!

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