Brian May On ‘Feeling Naked’ In Front Of The Queen Audience

As he stated in the video, Brian often felt exposed and vulnerable when he took the stage, without all the fancy theatrics and dramatic effects, even though the band intentionally reduced the energy and adrenaline to the bare minimum after performing high-intensity hits just as they did back in the day.

“I don’t think anyone had ever done it the way that we did, but you really take them to rock bottom. You abandon all your pizzazz, all of your dramatic effect, and everything. At the moment, it’s mainly me that goes out. I go out; I have just an acoustic guitar. I’m right in the middle of the auditorium, and I’m kind of naked. There is nothing else going on except me trying to be close to the audience. That’s the lowest you go in terms of energy and drama, I suppose.”

So, Queen’s shows didn’t just consist of high-energy rock n’ roll; there were also moments of vulnerability that left Brian May feeling ‘naked.’ It appears it was those low-energy moments where the guitarist connected with the audience the most.

Queen In Concert - Los Angeles, CA

Photo: Getty Images North America

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