David Coverdale Hopes Jimmy Page Will Reconsider...

In a sudden turn of events, fans of the ‘Coverdale/Page’ album were left disappointed when plans for its 30th-anniversary reissue fell through. Following this development, David Coverdale hosted a revealing Q&A session on Whitesnake TV YouTube, addressing the potential of another collaborative attempt with Jimmy Page.

Despite expressing optimism about remastering their successful 1993 joint effort since 2021, unforeseen problems, including the pandemic, put a wrench in Coverdale’s plans. With the reissue sidelined, speculation swirled regarding a possible reunion project between the two musicians. However, at this point, the vocalist is uncertain about this prospect.

When asked about the matter by a fan, the Whitesnake frontman said:

“As Sean Connery said about James Bond, ‘Never say never.’ I have no idea. I treasure the time I worked with Jimmy. I think we got the best out of each other at that particular time in our lives, and that was the whole purpose of doing that. I’m there for Jimmy if he needs me for anything, as I hope he’s there for me. […] But I’m not sure if that’s gonna happen. But I’m wide open.”

Meanwhile, Whitesnake has also been navigating stormy waters. Their 2022 touring plans were stopped due to health issues faced by Coverdale and guitarist Reb Beach. According to the singer’s recent chat with the Rockonteurs podcast, there is no fixed schedule for when the band will be back on the road.

“I’m working now on a torn rotator cuff. So literally this year, I gave my fantastic band the year off ’cause I didn’t know what was gonna go on. I couldn’t make any particular commitments. Nowadays, [you need] six months to set up a tour. So I’ve got recording to do.

We’ve got projects for the next three to five years. I’m hoping to get the band in when they’re free. I’m being approached a great deal with [Las] Vegas residencies. I’d love to get to Japan and South America. Really it’s gonna depend on health and people’s availability.”

While uncertainty looms over a possible Page and Coverdale project and the timeline for Whitesnake’s return to the touring circuit, ans of the band received some good news recently. Their reissued album, ‘Still Good To Be Bad,’ hit the shelves on April 28.

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