Slash Drops New Guns N’ Roses Bombshell

In a new interview with Daily Star Sunday, Slash discussed his new blues record ‘Orgy Of The Damned.’ During the chat, he revealed that the band has been busy creating new music and that they have been ‘trying’ for a new album.

When asked why Axl Rose and his The Conspirators collaborator Myles Kennedy weren’t featured on his new album, the guitarist explained:

“It was my own side thing, so I wasn’t dragging my own guys in.”

He then touched on Guns N’ Roses’ process:

“Guns N’ Roses are trying to make their own record and I’m working with them in that capacity but this didn’t involve anyone else.”

Guns N’ Roses dropped a four-song EP titled ‘Hard Skool’ in February 2022. It was exclusively available through the band’s official store and featured two new tracks released in 2021: the title song and ‘Absurd.’ Additionally, live versions of ‘Don’t Cry’ and ‘You’re Crazy’ were included.

Slash mentioned that several other classic Guns N’ Roses tracks have also undergone reworking during the pandemic. He explained to ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk’:

“There’s a handful of those songs that we actually fixed up and did when we were in lockdown. So those have yet to be released. So those are gonna come out. They’re really good, too. So I’m excited for those. We’re just gonna put out like one or two songs, and another one or two songs. And I think that’s gonna be pretty much all of ’em. I’m not sure exactly how many we did in total.”

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