‘I’m Part Of The Problem’ Kid Rock Admits Role In USA’s Polarization:

Kid is a strong supporter of Donald Trump. He doesn’t hold back in politics and openly defends his controversial ideas. In a podcast interview, he discussed how his political stance wouldn’t affect his music career because he’s financially secure:

“So people will tell, you know, like, ‘It’s politics, man.’ They’re going to f*ck up your business. I’m like, I don’t give a sh*t, and I’ve saved my money. I’m like, I can speak openly. You know? So I said at the beginning of this, I did this little thing for the ‘Devil’s Tool’ social media, where I tape something. And I said, ‘I know I’m polarized, and I’m speaking my f*cking mind.’ And I know I speak for a lot of people who can’t, who are scared to lose their jobs.”

Rock also told Rolling Stone that he likes Trump because he’s competitive and ready to fight. He jokingly called Trump his ‘bestie’ and said he admired his determination to win.

The musician has been the center of controversy so many times in recent years. Last year, Rock grabbed attention when he urged everyone to stop buying Bud Light because they teamed up with a transgender influencer named Dylan Mulvaney.

In a video on social media, he shot at Bud Light cans while wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat to show his disagreement with the partnership. However, he was later seen drinking Bud Light. When asked about it in an interview, he said he never actually boycotted the brand. In his Rolling Stone chat, the musician said he doesn’t mind being known for shooting cans. He compared himself to other famous people and noted:

“‘Purple Rain’ is probably the greatest Prince song ever written. Prince is known for ‘Purple Rain.’ I’m known for shooting up Bud Light cans!”

When the interviewer asked if he wanted the incident to be remembered as his legacy, the singer said he didn’t care at all:

“I’m part of the problem. I’m one of the polarizing people, no question. Sometimes I bitch about other people, then I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah, why don’t you shut the f*ck up too?'”

Rock gave a reason why he can’t stay quiet:

“It’s a rich-guy issue. No f*cks left. I’m not going to get it right every time, but I know my heart’s right. I want the best for this country.”

Singer Kid Rock shakes hands with US sol

Photo: AFP

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